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After three pregnancies, stress and the Florida sun… I realized I needed to take a bit better care of myself. #selfcare #momlife

So in March I decided to start Whole30 and improve my beauty routine. I threw out the processed food, soda and harsh chemicals. I invested in better and safer beauty products and in whole, organic food.

And it made a huge difference! This picture was taken right before I started the journey, and 45 days later.

It was taken at the same time of day, with the same lighting right after I got out of the shower. I have no makeup on in both pictures.

As a busy mom with three little kids and a business, I don’t have time to put on a perfect makeup face. I just want to go all natural with a bit of mascara and sunscreen.

I love the overnight resurfacing peel – it evened out my skin tone a ton!

Hope you join me on this journey to #betterhealth!